• Executives



Thomas Webler graduated from State University of Florida with a B.A. in Management in 1971. He started his Real Estate career with AGG Management in 1976. Tom started as a field agent inspecting buildings and meeting with tenants to resolve rent and repair issues. Tom was instrumental in acquiring three New York City HPD contracts through the P.O.M.P program. He has been a licensed Real Estate Broker since 1985. After ten years in that position he assumed control of the day to day function of operating the company. Mr. Webler is married 37 years and they have 3 married children.


Mr. Bourbeau graduated in 1974 from Fordham University with a B.A. degree in Philosophy. Peter began his building management career as a tenant organizer for a northwest Bronx non-profit organization. Peter joined AGG Management in 1984 after four years with New York City Housing Preservation and Development. Peter obtained his Real Estate Broker’s license in 1986. He is responsible for the outside operations of our management organization. Mr. Bourbeau closed permanently on a NHOP building of 32 units on July 2009, funded through HDC bond financing and HPD funds. He currently has 73 units in pre-development and 59 units in construction. He is married 30 years with 4 children and two grandchildren.


Patrick Manning, the third partner, joined PWB Management Corp as a field agent in 1995. He has 17 years of experience in brokerage and property management companies. He became a partner in 2006 and is in charge of the property managers and all outside operations. Patrick is responsible for the management of our condo portfolio and crisis management. He along with Mr. Webler manage the luxury condos at Schaefer Landing in Williamsburg (135 units).